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Big Mill Pro


Cut valuable oversized logs professionally.


Components: 1 Big Mill Basic, 1 extra TimberJig, 3 extra guide rails 1 m (3,3 ft), 1 LSG kit, 2 EXT Arms for 120 cm (47”) guide bar, 2 EXT Fixing Plates, 1 Rack & T-bar kit.

Log Diameter: Without the guide rail steering max. 135 cm (53"). With the guide rail steering max. 105 cm (41").


With Big Mill Pro you can cut logs with very high precision. You can take wide, millimeter accurate cuts through the whole length of the log. The system includes a Big Mill LSG with its two TimberJigs, the mounts from Big Mill Basic, extended arms that hold the two guide rails on either side of the log, and two extra, sturdier fixing plates for the log ends.


Due to the guide rails, you can easily take perfectly guided cuts all the way down to the center of the log. After that, you can use the LSG without guide rails, since you then have a wide and perfectly plane surface that guides the cut. You can also continue to use the guide rails if you rotate the log half a turn and cut it from the other direction. The guide rails can be rotated around the log in fixed 90 degree steps. Raising and lowering is also done in fixed, accurate steps. This enables you to saw edged boards, if desired. The double guide rails can also be fitted together so that you can cut twice the length with the Timberjig. In brief, almost everything is possible with the PRO package.


When placing your order, state which guide bar length you are going to use on your LSG, EXT Arms for 120 cm (47") guide bar is included.



Worth Knowing about the Big Mill System

  • Cut as short logs as possible, and you will get better precision and the work will be easier. The aluminium guide rails can be fitted together and extended when required. They are available in the length of 0.5 m (1.6 ft), 1 m (3.3 ft), and 2.75 m (9 ft).
  • When the guide rail is over 3 m (9,9 ft) long, a guide rail prop should be fitted at the middle of the log; when it is over 5 m (16,4 ft) long, two guide rail props should be used.
  • If you want to upgrade your sawing, the TimberJig and guide rails of Big Mill System are compatible with the Logosol Sawmill and Woodworker’s Mill.
  • The packages are composed to give you what you need, but all components in the system can also be ordered separately.
  • More information about all the possibilities, components and accessories of the system, are described in the manual.
  • We can provide you with a chainsaw, guide bar, and chains that are suited for sawing logs, but you can just as well use standard equipment if you already have a chainsaw with two bar bolts.
  • Sawing is great fun! The feeling when holding your first board is hard to beat.



60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We give you a 60 day money back guarantee on all machines. You have two months to decide whether the machine suits you. Cutting equipment, planing and moulding knives and other consumable items are not included in the money back guarantee.


Two-Year Warranty

We provide you a two-year warranty on all new machines. It covers manufacturing defects and problems that have occured during normal use of the machines, with the exception of consumable items such as belts, guide bars and chains.


Fast deliveries

Most orders are supplied directly from our stock. During peak season delivery times may be slightly longer. The delivery times for accessories and spare parts are always very short.


Unlimited support

Unlimited support when it comes to product knowledge and use of products.


20-years of Hands-On Experience


We have 20 years of hands-on experience designing and working directly with Logosol equipment.


Personal service

To us, offering a first-rate personal service comes natural.

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Big Mill PRO

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