Planer/moulders & joinery machines

Logosol has everything you need for producing planed and moulded timber, all the way from the standing trees in the forest. In every board there are mouldings waiting to be released, and with Logosol's planer/moulders you can easily produce your own building material. Our planer/moulders are the same breakthrough for planing/moulding as the Logosol Sawmill was for sawing. New technology makes the machines smaller and lighter and suitable for both hobbyists and professionals. They are machines that carry the signature of Logosol down to the last detail: Professional machines in a small format and to the right price. Into the bargain you get Logosol's generous warranties and lifelong support.

Logosol PH365

With the LOGOSOL PH365 you can produce complex profiles in one operation. For example, you can produce material for window manufacturing. This machine is the large four-sided planer/moulder PH360 that has been equipped with a unique fifth cutter.


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Logosol PH360

Industrial power in a sleek format. A stable four-head planer/moulder for professional production. This completely new machine has its place in environments such as woodworking shops, timber yards, homebuilding facilities and, naturally, in the construction trade. One and the same machine can mould everything from fine trim work to timber blocks with outstanding results.


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Logosol PH260

The pro machine which can stand continuous industrial use. Producing panelling and mouldings from sawn lumber is a simple and profitable way to refine wood. Logosol PH260 planes and moulds four sides at once. You can quickly and easily produce all imaginable standard and custom-made mouldings.


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Logosol DH410

Two-sided planer/moulder which planes up to a width of 410 mm (16 3/16") and a height of 260 mm (10 1/4"). Logosol DH410 has a lot in common with our PH260. The difference is that DH410 works with two cutters instead of four. Four-sided planing is made by running the board twice through the machine.


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Logosol SH410

A new Soloplaner with Unique Performance. In the SH410, Logosol has taken the sawing and planing functions to a new level, which is even better suited for bigger projects and all types of woodworking shops with high standards.


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Logosol MH410

Logosol's multi-planer is a jointer, a planer and a moulder in one and the same machine. Furthermore, you can use it as a vertical milling machine equipped with a feeder unit. Unleash your creativity – the possibilities are endless!


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Logosol H410

A jointer/planer is the base of the woodworking shop. Logosol's jointer/planer is built the same way as the professionals' many times more expensive machines. It has precision-processed machine tables of cast iron, a stable side fence and double motors. Here you find the power to joint and plane the hardest sorts of wood.


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Equip your planer with original accessories to meet your specific needs!


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Grinding Equipment

Sharpen your tools the Tormek way with the new Tormek T7 moulding knife grinder.


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Cutting Equipment

We have a wide range of moulding knives, cutters, saw blades and much more.


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Vertical Milling Machine MF30

Logosol's vertical milling machine is the universal machine in the joinery workshop. It helps you with everything from preparing timber lengthwise and crosswise for finger jointing, to milling complete windows and advanced furniture components. The multi-moulder MF30 is a vertical milling machine out of the ordinary for milling against fence, end and side milling on carriage, curve milling, and milling on XY-table.


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Joinery Machine Accessories

The wide range of accessories features a number of tools to simplify your work. Choose among the different accessories and form a machine to meet your specific needs. Extensions, chip fans and knife sets are just some examples of useful accessories for our joinery machines.


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Logosol is represented in Canada by Silvana Import Trading Inc. Silvana was started in 1989 and has been involved in the forestry/wood processing sector since then. The product range today includes nursery and reforestation equipment (scarifiers, planters and seeders), small-scale harvesting equipment, sharpening robots, bioenergy solutions such as mobile chippers and pellet presses, and various other products for the wood processing sector such as Logosol´s product line.
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