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Simplify your life with knife packages to add value in so many ways.


With over 500 quality planer/moulder knives available, Logosol offers a selection to meet your every moulding and planing need.  With so much choice, Silvana thought you might appreciate a simplified selection process offered by key packages and kits we’ve put together, based on our years of experience working with these products.  Conforming to industry standards, they’re designed to get you into more profitable production across a broad range as rapidly as possible.


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Logosol is represented in Canada by Silvana Import Trading Inc. Silvana was started in 1989 and has been involved in the forestry/wood processing sector since then. The product range today includes nursery and reforestation equipment (scarifiers, planters and seeders), small-scale harvesting equipment, sharpening robots, bioenergy solutions such as mobile chippers and pellet presses, and various other products for the wood processing sector such as Logosol´s product line.
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