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M8 Sawmill

The truly portable sawmill!


4-sided planer - moulders

Join the revolution. Boost profitability!


SH410 Resaw-planer-moulder

A must for any wood shop!


Moulding Knives

Original Logosol Moulding Knives. Knife packages to add value in so many ways!

Logosol TV


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Brand new board edger

A must for all bandsaw owners!


Find Demo

Get details of a Logosol owner near you.




Planer Moulder Revolution

Boost your profitibility!



Fulfil your dreams with our sawmills and planer/moulders!

Your own log house, a new veranda, a playhouse for your grandchildren, a pavilion, a garden shed, a pier for your summer house, a sauna, an outdoor hot tub, or sawing cladding for your house, are just a few examples of dreams you can fulfil with the help of our products.


The Logosol Sawmill

Logosol M8 | Farmer's Sawmill | Saw Units | Logosol Sawmill Accessories

Big Mill System

Big Mill Timberjig | Big Mill Basic | Big Mill Lsg | Big Mill Pro

For Bandsaw Mills

Log Moulder LM410

Framesaw Mills

Logosol-Laks Framesaw

Board Edger

Logosol C210 



Logosol PH365 | Logosol PH360 | Logosol PH260 | Logosol DH410 | Logosol MH410 | Logosol H410 | Logosol SH410 | Planer/Moulder Accessories

Joinery Machines

Vertical Milling Machine MF30 | Joinery Machine Accessories

High-Production Machines

Framesaw Logosol-Laks
Logosol PH360
Logosol PH260
Log Moulder LM410

Cutting Tools

Chains and Bars
Bandsaw Blades
Original Logosol Moulding Knives

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Logosol is represented in Canada by Silvana Import Trading Inc. Silvana was started in 1989 and has been involved in the forestry/wood processing sector since then. The product range today includes nursery and reforestation equipment (scarifiers, planters and seeders), small-scale harvesting equipment, sharpening robots, bioenergy solutions such as mobile chippers and pellet presses, and various other products for the wood processing sector such as Logosol´s product line.
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